Training of 100 civil mobile mediators as agents of sensitization coupled with the organization of a great sensitization campaign against irregular migrations in Douala

Under the supervision of Mr NANG Terrestra, the Regional delegate of Youth Affairs and Civic Education of the Littoral region preceded the opening ceremony of the training of 100 civil mobile mediators as agents of sensitization. The training of these civil mobile mediators and organization of the great campaign was thanks to, PARI-JEDI with its main sensitization partner “The African network of Germany” (TANG), the ambassadors of the “lost dream project” and the staff from IOM. The Regional delegate was accompanied by Dr NANTCHA Sylvie the President of TANG, Mr EPOKO EPOKO Anselme the Coordinator of PARI-JEDI, Mr Alain Dexter and Ivo Nji Parter, the Ambassadors of the Lost Dream Project and, Mr YOKO Yves Freddy the Senior Reintegration Assistant at IOM.

The economic capital was honoured to be sensitized by the trained civil mobile mediators, through a sportive walk which started at the Reference Multi purpose Youth Empowerment Centre of Douala and ended at the club camtel Bepanda.